The electronic parcel locker.

Product Info

MySmartBox is not only safe, modular and intelligent. MySmartBox offers a lot more. Inform yourself about features like its clever and sophisticated compartment system, or simply about its easy and user-friendly operation.


No matter if you choose a 5, 9 or 20 compartment locker: The robust and flexible MysmartBox is available in different configurations with different compartment sizes, ranging from M to XXL.

Different uses

No matter if it is a residential building or a company. Everywhere, where there are people that live, study or work together,MySmartBox is the perfect solution for parcel delivery. MySmartBox saves you money,stress, time and get people together.

Fire Rated : 1H

DAD-decayeux is the first manufacturer to achieve a full fire rating (one-hour integrity) to BS EN 1363-1: 2020, on assembly of electronic parcel lockers.

MySmartBox Fire Rated 1 hour


MySmartBox features several technical and stylish details. In our glossary you can read more about My Smartbox characteristics and specifications. Apractical search function is included.

About us

Decayeux is a world leader producer of safety technology and parcel locker systems. As a pioneer company with a long tradition in the business, we firmly believe and define ourselves based on quality and innovation.

Overview of MySmartBox features.

  • a) Barcode reader
  • b) Individual parcelboxes for residents
  • c) Touchscreen user-friendly screen
  • d) Smart electronic parcel lockers

“During the renovation of our building, we agreed for My Smartbox System to be installed. I find it absolutely amazing. I am impressed how this product simplified our deliveries and made life easier for us”

Amanda Adams

Apartment owner

“Customisation based on customer´s wishes. Parcel delivery has never been so flexible.
5 different locker sizes, from M to XXL.”

Peter Richards


“As a tenant and working during the day, I spent lots of time going to the post office, and then having to queue far too long to pick up my parcel. But since the property management installed MySmartBox in our building, deliveries are just much more reliable, easier and faster.”

Nina Jones


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Please  fill in the followings fields to download MySmartBox Brochure