We designed it and conceived it from scratch to make it more functional for all users.

Product info

MySmartBox is completely flexible according to your needs. Personalization of the Design, Combinations of the modules, recessed or to pose or then associated with mailboxes. We accompany you in the choice and configuration of your product so that it perfectly meets your needs.


The customization based on the customer´s wishes, make parcel delivery more flexible than ever before.


The latest digital technology,the enhanced theft-protection and the 24/7 access make parcel delivery safer than ever before.

MySmartBox Fire Rated 1 hour


A simple installation combined with the intuitive and user-friendly operating system, makes parcel delivery smarter than ever before.


My Smartbox is carefully manufactured fromf high-quality galvanized steel or stainless steel. It features a very robust structure and locking mechanisms that guarantee a strong protection against theft and vandalism. MySmartbox works perfectly indoor and outdoor.


The 24/7 accessto My Smartbox, even when the recipient is absent, avoids several missed delivery attempts. It means that you save, money, stress, resources and of course, petrol, reducing harmful carbon emissions.


With its digital connection and its key-less operation, My Smartbox is becoming an integral part of a smart building, handling up to 300 users at the same time. Plug and Play, MySMartBox is operated through a touch screen, with an intuitive menu, a bar-code scanner and many other technological features..

Peace of mind

Parcel reception is possible every day at all times if you wish so, even while on holiday.The system, located directly in the entrance area of your building,solves the problem of having to travel long distances, fail delivery attemps and the annoying queing in the post office. Different locker sizes allow the delivery of even big and bulky packages.

Overview of MySmartBox features.

  • a) Barcode reader
  • b) Individual parcelboxes for residents
  • c) Touchscreen user-friendly screen
  • d) Smart electronic parcel lockers
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The delivery driver identifies himself (various options available). Afterwards he chooses one recipient out of the list of registered recipients. 

Group 9


A locker size is selected, then a free compartment opens up automatically. Then the postman puts the package inside. The process is electronically recorded.

Group 7


Once the locker is closed, the recipient gets automatically an SMS that contains an individual code to open up the locker.

Group 8


The recipient types in the received code and the compartment opens up to allow him/her to extract the parcel.


MySmartbox is available in various different models with different sizes, ranging from M to XXL.Every additional feature depends on your wishes, imagination and customization.


MySmartbox meets the highest standards of modern design. High-quality, hot-dip galvanized stainless steel and a simple, clear design, which is based on the simple elegance of the residence, characterize the product

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