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stands out and is great add on to our lobby design.

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No matter if it is a residential building, a hall of residence, a company or a co working space, MySmartbox is suitable for a wide range of applications. It can be fitted indoor and outdoor and makes deliveries of parcels incredibly easy. Our customers are as conviced as we are of our product’s benefits.

Co-Working Spaces

A safe and reliable package delivery is particularly important when the recipient is absent or in meeting. MySmartbox allows you to receive your packages on time and way faster than ever before, while you continue to concentrate on your work.

Student Accommodations

Students are particularly avid e-commerce and online shopping users. On top of that,they frequently receive food parcels from their parents with their favourite cookies and chocolates etc.. And when the winter is arriving, their granny is there to send them a warm present. It might be wool socks or a hand knitted beanie. Anyway, with the help of MySmartbox every single one of these deliveries will be carried in a reliable and safe way, while guaranteeing punctuality. And the best of all, without interrupting or disturbing the normal student life, studying during the day and partying at night!


There´s nothing like a good happy neighbourhood. MySmartbox makes sure that every single resident gets his/her delivery fast and on time, avoiding the typical stress factors, like getting the wrong delivery, not getting it at all, lost notification cards and the most common one; having to wait for the postman,which often results to be time-consuming and frustrating.


Not every single company can afford to invest in a post office(central) of its own. And not every company is capable of receiving packages outside the regular working hours. But thanks to MySmart box that is no longer a problem. My Smartbox is suited to fit in different forms and sizes of articles while guaranteeing a safe, punctual, reliable and efficient delivery service.

Property Management

Only happy tenants, are good tenants. MySmartbox saves the recipient not only the time he would spend going to the post office, but it also takes the stress away of having to wait for the postman, until he gets to his/her door. Additionally, MySmart box features a very intuitive system with a capacity up to 60 recipients per installation. It is simply a worthy investment that will for sure increase the attractiveness of your urbanization.

Customer testimonials

“During the renovation of our building, we agreed for My Smartbox System to be installed. I find it absolutely amazing. I am impressed how this product simplified our deliveries and made life easier for us”

Amanda Adams

Apartment owner

“Stylish, functional, easy to use and ultra-modern. My Smartbox persuaded me immediately of its great features. A great solution that shouldn´t be missing in neither new construction nor in renovation projects.”

Mike Rich


“As a tenant and working during the day, I spent lots of time going to the post office, and then having to queue far too long to pick up my parcel. But since the property management installed MySmartbox in our building, deliveries are just much more reliable, easier and faster.”

Nina Jones


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